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01 de Agosto, 2019

What should I bring to the beach?

You're tired of knowing this, but let's remember what you should take to the beach:
 - Sunscreen: this is very important !!! To avoid scalding and protecting your skin and that of your children, for example, you should apply several layers of sunscreen throughout the day. Don't forget to use the most recommended factor for your skin type ... you should not use your children's sunscreen and vice versa. In addition, he always wears a hat and glasses.
 - Food: If you are one of those who will spend all day at the beach, food is also very important. You should bring "simple food" to the beach, ie food that is heat resistant and does not fill you up much. Choose to bring bread, nuts, fruit, canned tuna, vegetables, sandwiches or even salads. It is important to carry your food in a glacier or ice cooler bag for better and better preservation of food and drink ... don't forget to always leave it in the shade.
 - Water: Is it really necessary to explain why you should take water to the beach? Just tell you one word ... hydrate yourself!
 - Clothes: Really? Yes! Opt for light, basic pieces that go with everything ... now remember to bring your beachwear underneath.
 - Toys: Children love to play in the sand and water ... parents should also join their children in these games. It takes a brief selection of toys (balls, rackets, buckets, shovels, armbands, etc.) that you think children will value most, and play. It's important to keep busy on the beach and to get some more exercise. Of course, with all of today's technology, mobile phones and tablets can also be a solution to those bygone days. Just pay attention to their protection so as not to damage them with water or sand. Now a piece of advice ... try to forget about gadgets and enjoy the beach.
Now that you have everything ready, there is only one thing left ... you have a great beach day !!
Have fun and have a Happy Holidays, if that's your case!