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01 de Agosto, 2019

When should I charge my phone?

I recently bought a new smartphone, because my old one already had its battery addicted ... but will new phones with batteries that cannot be removed also become "addicted"? Hence my question ... when should I charge my phone? Let's know.
1. It's a myth to let your phone charge at night ... this process creates excess heat from unnecessarily expended energy, leaves the battery in a higher voltage stress when 100% and continuous charging for many hours can cause problems. components, reducing long-term stability of the device.
2. Charging should be done when your mobile phone requests it. When you receive the save mode alert, this is the right time to put the device in charge. Li (Lithium) batteries nowadays prevent misuse, longer use life, charge cycles and are not as harmful and dangerous as before.
3. New batteries should not be fully discharged, we should maintain a percentage of 30 to 40% at the end of the day. These values ​​are recommended by their manufacturers, because if we repeatedly charge equipment from 0% we are ruining the battery and its life cycle. Lithium batteries “do not need to be fully charged, nor is it advisable to do so. In fact, it is best not to charge at full capacity, as high voltage will force the battery ”and wear it out in the long run.
4. Manufacturers recommend charging the battery from 0 to 100% once a month. This process helps to calibrate the battery.
5. Heat or cold affects the battery, especially the high temperatures that tend to damage the battery and the performance of your equipment.
6. Avoid using the phone while charging!
In conclusion, your mobile phone battery should always be between 20% / 30% and 80%. You don't need to have the battery at 100% and you don't have to let it run down to 0% ... you don't need to charge the battery all night and finish charging at 80% is better than waiting for 100%.
Now that you and I already know how to properly charge a phone, the battery will last much longer ... I hope!